Yumnums! is the product of Matt, Lauren, and their daughter, Biscuit (who is not actually named Biscuit but will be referred to as Biscuit for her privacy).

We are striving to eat healthier as parents, and in turn (hopefully) pass on good habits to Biscuit. This blog will chronicle our journey in making our own baby food for now, and will grow into more adventurous eating territory as our daughter grows older and gets a more sophisticated palate. Or, it might just turn in to a blog all about chicken fingers. This is up to Biscuit.

Matt is a classically trained chef, avid cyclist, and enjoyer of salsa. He is certified from the Cordon Bleu, and has been working professionally in a kitchen for almost 10 years. His first food was a fresh mashed California avocado.

Lauren is an interactive designer, work-at-home mom, craft enthusiast, college educator, and epic eater of just about anything. Her first food was an illicit licorice rope from her aunt when she was three months old.

Biscuit is a young lady (born May 2010), enjoyer of blowing raspberries, appreciator of cats, and the guinea pig for all creations made for this site. All of our posted recipes strive to receive the Biscuit seal of approval. Her first food, in keeping it in the family and for the sake of nostalgia, was a fresh mashed California avocado.

** As a disclaimer: We don’t fancy ourselves to be nutritionists, and all of our recipes are things that have worked for our family. Your results may vary, and always check with your doctor if you aren’t sure about anything. trust your own judgment! **