Indoor Window Herb Box

Window Herb Box

Before Biscuit, we had a wonderful variety of herbs, peppers, and tomatoes planted on our back deck that made their way into our cooking multiple times a week. After she was born, we found the simple task of making it out there daily to water and tend to the plants practically impossible and all of our fresh food suffered. It didn’t help that last summer in Chicago was stiflingly hot, and our deck faces to the west.

We got smart this year, and have a couple little pots on our windowsill in the kitchen: thyme, oregano, and rosemary. We had a cute little basil plant, but the cold air proved to be too much for it. We will likely add some more herbs once the weather gets warmer and we can pick up some starter plants at the farmer’s market. Having the herbs close at hand makes it significantly easier to take a snip and include it in our meal planning (for both the adults and for Biscuit).

The Kitchn has a great series on indoor herb planting as a reference to help get you started. CHOW also gets in to the nitty gritty on planting, including what herbs work best for indoor planting. Now we know why our basil died, and that we should pick up some mint and chives next time.

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4 Responses to “Indoor Window Herb Box”

  1. This explains why my basil keeps dying! Thanks for the links.

  2. Totally! It’s such a bummer too, because we love us some basil.

  3. Sadly, I’m growing Basil and cilantro – 2 of the most difficult herbs to grow. I have a bunch more seeds left, so I might give it another try…

  4. Michelle BB says:

    I love having herbs so fresh and right at my fingertips. Plus it’s great to make that connection with kids that real foods GROW at young age and make it just part of their normal environment.

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